Helpful Tips

Manage Multiple Websites

You can easily add and configure multiple websites to your account then later switch between them on your Dashboard display. - From the top of Dashboard, click . The Add a Site dialog is displayed. - Click Add Another Site. - Enter your new target website address, select matching categories and click Save. You can now switch between your target website addresses and your Dashboard will automatically update.

Apply A Quick Filter On Your Orders Page

From your Dashboard, you can quickly apply a filter to your Orders page and navigate to it. For example, if you need to see all completed orders on your Orders page, simply click “Completed Orders” from the top ribbon and you will be navigated to it. In addition, on the top ribbon, you can also view the total number of each type of order you have placed.

Manage your profile

You can easily access your profile page to update your information. You can access your profile page by clicking at the top of your screen.


AllTheBestLinks are conscious your time is limited and automatically notify you of updates. You can view all your notifications by clicking at the top of your screen. The icon also displays the total number of unread notifications. In addition, you can view your order details against each notification from the notifications page.

Advanced Filters

The application offers a comprehensive set of filters which can be further enhanced by including additional search criteria. You can reset the applied filters at any time. - Use to access your advanced filtering options. - You can specify your search criteria using the fields. To include additional filter options: - Click Add More Fields. The Add More Fields dialog will be displayed. - Against the filters that you wish to add, click to...

Add Additional Metrics

You can add additional columns to your Dashboard table and include additional metrics to your website comparisons. To add more metrics:

Sort Your Analytics

For a more granular comparison of how your statistics change from largest-to-smallest or smallest-to-largest values for your target websites, use the sorting feature.

Add To Wishlist

Planning future purchases? Simply go to Dashboard, look under the table, and add your target websites to your wishlist using , which will be displayed on your Wishlist page. If you need to remove a target website from your wishlist, click .

Search Websites

You can speed your search for an exact match of your website requirements using the search facility. Enter your search criteria and hit Enter (or click Search). The search results matching your criteria will be displayed.